As a result of Covid-19 all of the charity’s summer events have had to be cancelled. Despite this, we are continuing to provide assistance to historic car apprentices, many of whom are now on furlough, and some have been laid off. The following is what we are up to and we’d hugely value your participation and support.

Hero2Help & StarterMotor Apprentice Lifeline Appeal

“Our apprentices are the future lifeblood of the industry; we need to help during this trying time” – Patrick Burke M.D. Hero Events

“Our objective is straight forward- to put young people in old cars, whether they are apprentices or simply enjoying driving them. If we don’t succeed our whole community will begin to disappear” – David Withers, Chief Executive StarterMotor

Together we are highlighting the plight of young apprentices in the historic motoring world who may have lost placements with engineering companies or events in the lock down. Apprentices need a lifeline to support their living costs, course work and new online learning. There is also a pressing need to develop further apprenticeship placement opportunities for normal times ahead.

In this interim period the programme aims to encourage apprentices to ‘home project’ if they have space/tools to keep practising their skills and HERO ERA will be bringing in senior officials to help transfer their event marshalling skills to the next generation to add further experience and encouragement in event operation. Apprentices will earn a marshal’s certificate and can put that into practice on a HERO ERA event.

Callum Staff, one of the young apprentices who has been restricted by the lockdown offered his reasons why help would be appreciated; “This programme should help apprentices, any help is welcome. I’m one of the lucky ones as I have a job at a company specialising in preparing pre war Aston Martins which I combine with my time at college. StarterMotor invited me to take part in a rally at Bicester, help at an auction and attend the Goodwood Members meeting, but understandably none of that happened. This industry is volatile at the best of times, some companies are being forced to shut down so it is a difficult time. Although I’m relatively confident in my employment, the biggest issue is if push comes to shove the apprentices may be the first out of the door. I know other apprentices in smaller companies who are quite concerned they may not be able to return to work. It’s a worrying time, there are others with no jobs or support. The most important thing is to have places to go to. It is difficult to gain access, even my college which is quite small was hard to get into, the same as some companies which have been operating for a long time. Some are pre internet and still have limited communications. It is hard to gain access.”

The Apprentice Lifeline campaign donations, and each donor will be entered into a prize draw afterwards. Online tuition and help with home project construction is also requested, hopefully from technicians with some time to help. In addition, valuable placements with companies in the vintage and classic world are actively being sought for apprentices to venture out and gain real historic motoring experience after lockdown.

Donations can be paid directly to StarterMotor via JustGiving. If you make a contribution, you will receive a receipt and a numbered certificate of provision which will go into a prize draw at the end of the lock down to for the prize draws. You can also enter the Hero Virtual Table Top Rally to qualify.

1st prize – Bicester Heritage Tour with StarterMotor. Arrive & Drive classic or vintage rally car drive on the Bicester Heritage track with family friends
2nd prize – A free entry into a HERO Challenge Rally
3rd prize – A selection of HERO merchandise

New Charity Partner for StarterMotor

This spring we welcome Blue Diamond Riley Services to the fold. Based at iconic Bicester Heritage,  the team of highly skilled and experienced engineers provide customers with first class repairs, servicing and restoration of precious historic cars. As the name suggests, the main focus is Riley pre-war vehicles and now that same skill and experience is helping maintain the StarterMotor fleet as its prepared for young drivers to use and enjoy.