We are based at Bicester Heritage, the UK’s Centre of Excellence for Historic Motoring and Aviation. Bicester Heritage has at its heart a vision: to secure a robust and dynamic future for historic motoring and aviation, the businesses that serve them, the people who work in those businesses and the owners and enthusiasts who enjoy these vintage vehicles.

We are continually encouraging companies to take on apprentices and colleges to run courses. And that’s working. But to learn to restore a vehicle you need a vehicle to restore. And the parts and tools to do the job. Currently they don’t exist.

StarterMotor is a charity that exists to fulfil that need and to assemble a collection of vehicles that young people can use and enjoy. But we need your help. If you have vehicles in need of TLC, and you feel that it’s one of those things that you may never get around to, then contact us because we need that car so that young people can learn to enjoy its restoration and use.


The collective historic vehicle sector has experienced rapid growth in recent years: it is now thought to be worth over £5bn annually to the UK’s economy, and it employs some 34,900 people.

However, whilst expanding, it is also ageing, resulting in a younger generation missing out on both the valuable skills required and also historic vehicle ownership, particularly as costs of ownership can be outside the reach of many young enthusiasts. 1,000 new engineers are estimated to be required over the next 5 years just to stem this erosion. The net result is a real possibility of valuable skills being lost, to the detriment of the industry, economy, employment and historic car enthusiasts.